Can FN® NANO help in a fight with COVID-19?

By coating the walls and ceilings with FN® functional coatings, you will get highly effective protection against germs (viruses and bacteria), including coronavirus Covid-19.

Thanks to its microstructure, the created coating layer (also called FN® NANO technology) effectively captures airborne viruses and bacteria on its surface and subsequently eliminates them very effectively.

It cleans the air in the room. In this way, the protection of people in the room against transmission of viral and bacterial infections, including coronavirus Covid-19, can be effective and long-term (5 years).

Protection against COVID-19 and other virus and bacterial infections using FN® products.

FN NANO functional coatings (FN®1, FN®2, FN®3) exhibit extremely strong physical photocatalytic antimicrobial function. However, this function is only provided that the coating layer they produce is exposed to a sufficient quantity (at least 20µW / cm2) of ultraviolet radiation (in daylight or from an artificial source).

Functional coatings FN®2 and FN®3 have the highest photocatalytic efficiency in air purification. We therefore recommend their use in interiors wherever we want not only to provide antimicrobial protection, but also to purify air from harmful substances and odors.

Disclaimer: FN-NANO® producst are not registered as disinfectant with Health Canada and therefore we don´t do any “kill claims”.

High antimicrobial effectiveness.

Tests of the Czech National Institute of Public Health on model microorganism E.Coli. This microorganism is used to test efficacy against all types of viruses:

  • Physical antimicrobial mechanism of photocatalysis – reduction of microorganism concentration by 4 log. 1 hour when exposed to UV light (all types of functional coatings FN®). Ensure effectiveness against viruses.

Compliance with Canada legislative requirements.

Functional coatings FN® meet all legislative, technical and hygienic requirements of Canada. Their antimicrobial and other manufacturer-reported features are verified by independent testing by government and research institutions.

Certification of photocatalytical functionality and efficiency.

FN® functional coatings are certified for the effectiveness of their physical-photocatalytic functions. Certificates are issued based on an objective assessment of the photocatalytic performance of the certified product by independent expert evaluators. Performance is assessed on the basis of applicable international ISO standards.

Certification is an essential indicator for users of photocatalytic products about the credibility of information about their practical applicability.

FN®  products are proudly contributing to healthier, cleaner and safer environment and national disinfection program with regards to prevention and treatment for viruses and bacteria.

Please, see more details at data sheets in Technology section.